TabScore & TabPlay

TabScore provides wireless scoring for the card game bridge. It requires no special hardware and uses wifi devices such as tablets or phones. Indeed, the latest version has been designed so that players can use their own personal mobile phones for scoring. TabScore was developed by Peter Flippant at Bedford Bridge Club as a direct replacement for BridgeTab. It should work with any bridge scoring program that can create a .bws database, but has been built with EBUScore and Jeff Smith’s scoring programs in mind.

TabPlay is a development from TabScore that allows all the bidding, play and scoring for face-to-face bridge to be done using the wifi devices. It therefore removes the need for clubs to deal cards, and for players to handle boards, cards and bidding boxes. It was developed as a potential means of easing the transition from Covid-19 lockdown, but has wider applicability.

For further information and for downloads, please use the drop-down menu. The User Guides (in pdf format) provide detailed information on how TabScore and TabPlay work. Please read the appropriate User Guide thoroughly before attempting to install or use either TabScore or TabPlay.

TabScore and TabPlay are provided free of charge and without warranty. There are licence and copyright notices included with the download. However, we will do our best to answer any questions or provide support (please use this website’s Contact Us page). If you and your bridge club find TabScore or TabPlay useful, please make a donation to The Bedford Bridge Centre.